Action: 25 Things to do This Summer

DSC00124 DSC00502

The Free Dog’s Summer Bucket List

1. Use Public Transportation

2. Go to the Museum

3. Go to an Art Gallery

4. Watch a Movie Alone

5. Spend Day Reading at the Bookstore

6. Go to the Zoo

7. Go Camping

8. Visit Mexico

9. Learn a New Song on the Piano

10. Finish a Sketchbook

11. Go Hiking

12. Try a New Recipe

13. Go Geocaching

14. Read 10 fiction books

15. Visit the Zoo

16. Go to Descanso Gardens

17. Go Swimming

18. Spend a Day at the Library

19. Practice French

20. Expand Vocabulary

21. Read 3 Non-fiction Books

22. Write Letters to 3 People

23. Go to the Beach

24. 1 Day Without Electronics

25. Put on a Firework Display

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