Direction: Summer Bucket List


In America, Summer is a lazy season for students, the heat (and lack of stress from school) casts a wave of tiredness and the constant desire to binge eat ice cream while marathoning Game of Thrones. Making a bucket list will motivate you to pursue an active and productive summer. 1. Use Public Transportation 2. Go to the Museum 3. Go to an Art Gallery 4. Watch a Movie Alone 5. Spend Day Reading at the Bookstore 6. Go to the Zoo 7. Go Camping 8. Visit Mexico 9. Learn a New Song on the Piano 10. Finish a Sketchbook Find the full list here

Pass the bone:

  • Stay focused, when you make your summer bucket list, try to keep two to three ideas in mind. This will help you keep your bucket list focused on what you really want to do and ultimately affect how your summer experience will unfold. For example, when I wrote up my summer bucket list this year, I had in mind two things. Learn and explore. As a result, Reading and trying piano; Camping and visiting Mexico were items on my list.
  • BE PRACTICAL, putting something unrealistic on your bucket list will only entail unnecessary stress. Think of this as a cumulative To-Do list for the entire Summer, list anything and everything that you want to get done this Summer. Trust me, it works.
  • Start out slow, between exploring new places, meeting new people, and learning new things pace yourself so that you also have time to take a break. It is summer after all and relaxation is key to an enjoyable one!

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